Living TheWineLife, Living TheGoodLife

If there’s one thing we absolutely, wholeheartedly believe here at TheWineLife HQ, it’s that wine should be about enjoying life, right down to the very last drop.

Wine is always at the centre of our memorable life events. And we don’t just mean weddings and fancy celebrations. Some of our most memorable occasions have been evenings spent in the company of our favourite family and friends, with good food and a great bottle of wine, on the deck as the last rays of a summer sun go down, or gathered around a cosy dinner table, fire crackling.

In fact, TheWineLife takes much from the fabulous Mediterranean lifestyle, where the table will always bear a jug of wine, surrounded by dishes made from garden grown vegetables, lively conversation and a whole relaxed, positive way of living…

Take time to prepare a delicious meal using fresh, seasonal produce.

Savour this meal and everything the wine brings to it.

Linger at the table with your friends and family.

Share with loved ones, laugh often, live (more) simply.

Let’s face it; the Mediterranean people are renowned for living longer, happier, healthier lives. On the Greek island of Ikaria, life is sweet, and the majority of locals live beyond 100, a feat they attribute to red wine, fresh air, wholesome food, afternoon naps and the warmth of being surrounded by good people. The ultimate WineLifers.

So relax, relish life and live like a Mediterranean goddess. Live TheWineLife.

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