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The most important reason to keep your browser up-to-date is for your own safety and security, and that of your computer. There are many different sorts of security threats that you can be subject to when you’re browsing the web: identity theft, phishing sites, viruses, trojans, spyware, adware, and other sorts of malware. Many browser updates will be issued to combat just these problems.

If you are using Internet Explorer, or are running any browser on a Windows operating system, these updates are particularly important. Windows and Internet Explorer have more vulnerabilities than many other operating systems and browsers and are a particular target for hackers and virus writers because of their ubiquity, as well as because a lot of people just don’t like Microsoft.

Another reason to keep your browser up-to-date is that you won’t necessarily be getting the best browsing experience otherwise. You won’t always know when you see a web page that isn’t displaying properly. For the most up-to-date functions and features, you will need to update your browser regularly.

How to upgrade?

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