How TheWineLife Changed My Life

Wine is hard. Food is hard.

At least this was my excuse to avoid any reason to venture into either. Yet, as I approach my big three-o I find these excuses are feeble, especially when the response from others is a look like they’d just smelt something foul.

Alright, time to grow up and learn some class! This blog post will follow my – hopefully – smooth journey into wine, food, and both combined.

The problematic thing about starting something new is knowing where to start. Luckily for me, this was obvious – TheWineLife!

On my doorstep sat my next adventure in a white box labelled “fragile”. I wondered momentarily if this sticker was a representation of my impending mental state (I once cried when failing to cook rice).

Cracking open TheWineLife package, I keep my composure. Six recipes, six bottles of wine. Good start. I’ll start with the pizza… You can’t mess up a pizza, right?

First things first – grocery shopping. I’m a busy Millennial. Send me into the supermarket to pick up cat food, crackers, or beer and I’m your woman. Tell me to find a leek? There’s one coming from the hot water faucet in my bathroom?

What a day for surprises, I tell you. I actually found everything I needed and avoided any anxiety in the process. I strut my way out of the supermarket, bags in hand with a bounce of triumph in my step. Come at me world!



Cooking the Pizza.

Fire service is on standby.

Ingredients are all spread out over my bench top. My cat is looking at me curiously. Surprisingly, all of the ingredients are not overwhelming. I set the recipe up on my tablet stand, ready to treat it like a book of scripture.

I found an old apron, I have no idea who this belongs to or how it appeared in my kitchen but I’ll take it. It looks like a 70s tablecloth. I’m ready for kitchen war.

About fifteen minutes after my dramatic preparation, I’m done. Before me sits a Bianca pizza with browned cheese and crust. There’s no sign of men in fire safe uniforms and I’m in fact unscathed… That was… Easy!? Hang on, I need to call my mother and tell her about my amazing accomplishment.


The Wine and the Pizza.

Like my apron, I find some dusty old wine glasses sitting in high cupboards – cupboards I forgot even existed. Alright, you get it. I’m useless in my own kitchen.

I’m told reds are not the best choice for someone wanting to start out in wine. Go big or go home, right? Reading the label this is a Barons and Potter Pinot Noir. I’ve heard Pinot Noir is a “cool” wine – a wine you want to be associated with. Exposing the wine… I’m told to smell. The wine knows, or is that nose? Self-reminder: sip, don’t gulp…

Before I’m conscious of it, I’m happily gnawing down on my Bianca Pizza, complementing it with sips of this Barons and Potter red. I won’t lie, I’m feeling rather flash.

Unfortunately, I didn’t plan ahead so this meal and wine is to be enjoyed in the company of Franky – my cat, but no stress there. I have a new meal and a new wine for next week! Can’t wait to see the faces of my family when I present to them the dish while reciting the wine tasting notes from the back of the recipe card. They’re going to be dazzled.


This Was Too Easy

It’s been awhile since I’ve felt so accomplished! It’s the small things. Upon finishing my glass and full on pizza, I reminisce on tonight’s progress. TheWineLife really made this experience for me. So simple, yet so dignified and tasteful. I’ve honestly impressed myself. As someone who started this adventure in a state of fear, I’m sitting here feeling absolutely polished.

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