How TheWineLife Changed My Life

Wine is hard. Food is hard. At least this was my excuse to avoid any reason to venture into either. Yet, as I approach my big three-o I find these excuses are feeble, especially when the response from others is a look like they’d just smelt...

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Refreshing Wines for Spring Drinking

Spring is a season of new beginnings, and newfound wines. It's a psychological turning point, making you fancy totally different food and drink from what you've enjoyed for the last six months. Yes, now is the perfect time to rejuvenate your palate with some Springtime...

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Roast Lamb & Pinot Noir: A Perfect Pairing

There are very few rules of wine and food matching that really matter. But if one rule needs obeying, it is this: lamb must, just must be paired with red wine. Lamb + white, pink or sparkly is just horrid. It's to do with the...

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Tradition meets innovation on the Hawke’s Bay coast

Even at first glimpse, Elephant Hill Estate is a striking fusion of the old and the new. Located on the idyllic Te Awanga coast, the bold, rectangular shapes of the winery buildings rise amongst the natural beauty of the Pacific Ocean and the prehistoric form...

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Living TheWineLife, Living TheGoodLife

If there's one thing we absolutely, wholeheartedly believe here at TheWineLife HQ, it's that wine should be about enjoying life, right down to the very last drop. Wine is always at the centre of our memorable life events. And we don't just mean weddings and...

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