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We love to entertain here at TheWineLife and we spend our days and nights searching out the very best New Zealand Wines, tasting them of course and matching them with super easy and delicious recipes. Yay! Nothing’s better than a lovely bottle of wine, gorgeous food and fabulous company to relax with.

Most people lead super manic lives, everyone is time poor! Now more than ever we want to indulge in doing more fun things right? also getting a better work-life balance, (what the hell is that)?

Okay, okay, so we can’t nail the work-life balance thing easily for you, but TheWineLife can help making your entertaining easier, more enjoyable and more delicious.

Just take a little peek at how we do this.

So each month, at a date that suits you, we send you six beautiful bottles of NZ wines, each wine has been matched with an easy and yummy recipe to match.
Hold up wait a minute I hear you say, what if I don’t like sauvignon blanc or chardonnay?
That’s easy, when you order TheWineLife, in the preference box, you just type that in and you won’t get any Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay.

Well, ok then, do I have to do a special shop for the ingredients for the recipes?
Oh no you don’t, all of the recipes have been developed to utilise the food products you’ve probably got in your pantry and fridge. The only extra item you may need to buy is the protein portion. Too easy.

Stop wait, do I have to sign up for a minimum amount of time? No way Jose, you can sign up for as long as it suits you. You can pause or cancel at any time.

Your time is super important, you can choose to cook the wine match recipes or choose to just enjoy the wine. Either way you get a fabulous collection of stunning recipes to use over and over again.

Take a look at some of our festive Wine & Food Inspiration.

Dulcét Sparkling Rosé, matched with Waffles Benedict Festive Brunch.
Clearview Estate Black Reef Blush Rosé, matched with Salmon, avocado and mango ceviche.
Te Awa Single Estate Gimblett Gravels Hawkes Bay Syrah, matched with Duck Breast with fresh cherry sauce.

Enhance your WineLife moments by joining us.

Sign up for a monthly subscription in January 2019 and get an extra bottle of gorgeous NZ Wine in your first delivery.

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